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Help bring a new dynamic hub to Sonoma County

We’re thrilled to unveil our vision for a vibrant community hub and we invite you to join us in turning this dream into a reality. Your generous donation will play a pivotal role in bringing our shared vision to life and enriching our community for years to come.

Our community hub will feature:

  • A vibrant dance space, specializing in African, Brazilian, and Latin dance styles.

  • An education space committed to empowering individuals with technology tools, resources, professional development courses for career advancement, and skill-building challenges for students.

  • A wellness space focused on fostering balance and mental health, offering a range of supportive services.


Moreover, we pledge to:


- Support local talent, by prioritizing hiring within our community.

- Ensure accessibility through subsidized offerings, making our services inclusive and available to all.

- Give back to the community through educational, artistic, and wellness initiatives, uplifting members and strengthening a thriving, interconnected community.


Your vital contribution is the cornerstone of the transformative work ahead. With your generosity, we aspire to craft a space that not only elevates the current generation but also leaves an enduring impact on future ones. Together, we’ll take significant strides in broadening access to education, the arts, and wellness resources, fostering a community where opportunities thrive.


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