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Committee Member Application


The Datoire Foundation has three advisory committees:

  • Arts Committee

  • Education Committee

  • Wellness Committee

Comprised of passionate and experienced volunteers, these committees play a pivotal role in guiding our programs. Their collective efforts ensure that our initiatives remain closely aligned with the Datoire Foundation's mission and values, enhancing the impact and effectiveness of our programs.



Volunteer committee members demonstrate a strong commitment to the organization's mission and values, possess relevant expertise in their committee's focus area, and have the availability to actively participate in meetings and activities.  Every effort is made to include qualified and interested volunteers.​


Committee members are expected to attend monthly meetings lasting no more than two hours. These meetings are typically conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams. Failure to attend more than 50% of the meetings within a year may result in removal by majority vote. Each committee member serves a one-year term and may be reappointed during the year-end committee meeting. Committee chairs are limited to serving a maximum of two consecutive one-year terms.

Committee Member Application

Committee Selection

Please list in order of preference, your committee interest

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Second Preference
Third Preference

By submitting this application, I acknowledge the commitment required and confirm my ability to fulfill the duties of a committee member.

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